Welcome, I’m Ang!

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, a small-town city girl, turned small town country girl. I live on an old gravel road just outside city limits with my husband, our daughter, and a few loved fury friends. I am unapologetically a home body, lover of Gilmore girls, and obsessed with my boxer dog. Our little home on the hill is my cozy haven. If I could go anywhere, it would be home. Next to my faith, my family and their wellbeing is the most important thing in my life.

My Day Job:

I work as a part-time hairstylist in our small community. I have been helping others enhance their beautiful outside for 25 years. Serving others in this way truly brings me joy. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way, some I call friends. My clients especially are loyal, caring people; I value each one of them!

My Hobbies:

When I’m not working behind the chair, I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling with my family, wine dates with my gals, and most often, cooking and baking. At a very young age my mom welcomed me in her kitchen and taught me everything from preserving summer vegetables, to rolling out pie dough. She taught me how to peel potatoes like a boss, and turn just about any kind of leftovers into a new fun dish. I still call my mom to this day to ask for recipes and tips. She is a gracious, patient teacher. Love you mom! 😘 

Why I Started Blogging:

Simply put. I love sharing recipes! I like to call The Menu Maid a renaissance of some sort. Food blogging has always been tucked away in my heart. A short time several years ago I had a small space on the web where I enjoyed sharing some of my favorite meals. I was honored to meet and connect with a handful of talented foodies. I loved the culture and community and learned so much during that time.

Fast forward10 years>>>As you know it, 2020 will undoubtedly be a chunk of history we will never forget. When my salon shut down for a couple of months due to Covid, this gave me some time to think about the things I love doing. I had a nagging about blogging and sharing recipes again, but just the thought of opening a laptop was daunting. The mountain of learning I had to do just to get started was beyond my 2010 skills.

My confirmation to move forward however, was passion and support from my husband and bestie. I took a leap of faith and began learning as much as I could to get The Menu Maid website off the ground! I shed quite a few tears feeling I wasn’t equipped enough for this big world of technology, but with a lot of prayer, determination, and persistence, I was able to break through the barriers. Blogging takes hard work, consistency, and lots of trial and error, but it’s fun and extremely rewarding in so many ways.

What You’ll Find At The Menu Maid:

Feeding my friends and family truly makes me happy. The recipes you’ll find at The Menu Maid are easy, mostly healthy, and many can be modified to fit dietary needs. My recipes are a combination of my own creations along with inspiration from friends, family, and other home cooks like me! My promise to my readers- I’ll never share anything I haven’t tested, tried, and love. Most of my recipes are perfect for busy families so there are plenty of 30-minute meals, one-pot meals, and so much more! I also have easy soups, casseroles, and my favorite slow-cooker meals.

Lastly, I love having my weekly dinners planned out. Not only does this save my sanity during the busy weeknights, it is also a guarantee my family gets one healthy meal a day. Cause let’s be honest, fruits and vegetables aren’t high on the list with most teenagers. Meal planning is also cost effective. I tend to waist less food when I only buy the things I need for my weekly dinner menu. I have more FREE tips here for easy meal planning. Also visit my Dinner Meal Plans page where you’ll find plenty of 5 Days Of Healthy Dinners to choose from with grocery list included!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Be sure to comment and rate the recipes you try. I love to hear about what you loved and/or didn’t, and so do others! If you’re not a regular visitor on my website but still want to receive new recipes, click the green button below for my Newsletters straight to your inbox. If you have any questions please visit my contact page.