⁓The Menu Maid Weekly⁓

⁓The Menu Maid Weekly⁓

January 2021- Week 1

Searching for recipe ideas can often be the most time-consuming part of the planning process. This page is designed to give you 5 day’s worth of menu options, reducing some of the work for you. All the links I share on this page are recipes my family has tried and loved.


The Most Delicious Vegetarian Tacos with Creamy Slaw
Toasty taco shells filled with warm spicy quinoa, topped with a simple creamy slaw…. Oh my goodness! Num Num!
Check out this recipe


Rustic Chicken Piccata Meatballs Recipe | Little Spice Jar
Rustic Chicken Piccata Meatballs Recipe | Little Spice Jar
A new twist on the traditional chicken piccata! These chicken piccata meatballs are made with ground chicken and nuzzled in a rich lemon butter sauce. Serve it over pasta, quinoa, or with crusty bread on the side.
Check out this recipe


Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli
Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli
Slow cooker beef and broccoli is an easier alternative to take-out! It’s made in the slow cooker and all you have to do is you set and forget it!
Check out this recipe


BBQ Chicken Pizza Salad with BBQ Ranch Dressing
A match made in heaven. Pizza with a salad topper and a creamy BBQ ranch dressing is a complete meal.
Check out this recipe


Spanish Rice and Beans with Cilantro Lime dressing- A One Pot Meal
Warm spices with tender fluffy rice and salty green olives are a perfect cozy night meal. This vegetarian dish comes together quickly and you only need one single pot!
Check out this recipe

10 thoughts on “⁓The Menu Maid Weekly⁓”

  • This is so perfect because I was just thinking what recipe do I want to try first and if I follow this menu plan you have taken the indecision out of it for me. Thank you!

  • Omg! These recipes sound amazing I cant wait to start cooking. Starting with the chicken pot pie!!!!!

  • I have to say as the spouse to this lady who has created an amazing blog for friends, family, and those searching for ideas you are appreciated and valued.
    I’ve watched night after night your efforts and diligence in ensuring every HTML code adjusts the font and picture just right for viewing. Then comes the wording, paragraph structure, adjectives, verbs, and nouns each placed with intent to entice and please your readers. Next the right balance between sharing who YOU are and how your personality fits into the menu, the ingredients, and each step along the way in creating a meal which serves and blesses your family…. Did I get perfection, did I make every step easy to follow, and do I have all the ingredients represented correctly? These are few of thousands of thoughts that must pass the MenuMaids mind.
    Let us not forget the photos and how every reflection or light wave represents your creations with the best possible presentation for your readers.
    I watch you balance and teeter on stools. I watch you walk each dish carefully out to the deck in hopes natural sunlight serve your photos well. Gifting your viewers that perfect caramel color or reflecting the greens, reds, and yellows of vegetables just right in representation of your diligence to serve. I also watch your eyes beam with joy as your family takes that first bite of each meal prepared. What do you think, how was the texture, was it sweet enough, spicy enough, creamy, and savory enough?
    MenuMaid, you are a true servant with a faithful servants heart…
    I desire for these readers to appreciate all of your efforts and notice all of your labor in love… Avery and I are blessed to be recipients of every single one of your meals Angela. We are healthy, happy, and excited to see what 2021 brings to our health and happiness through the MenuMaids creation. ~The Hubby~

    • Water works turned on high!😭😭😭 Thank you honey for all your support. You and Ave are my joy and it’s an honor to serve both of you.

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